A story that began in 1982 when the current president Nicola Di Sipio founded Raicam, realizing his dream of building a factory and doing things “well done”.
A history that has seen strong investments in research and development, collaborations with research centers and universities, the construction of advanced production plants, where product safety and quality have made Raicam an expert and reliable partner for the automotive industry all over the world.
Today Raicam is engaged in the production of products for driveline and parts for braking systems.
But Raicam does not stop, an always attentive look to the future, the awareness of an increasingly “green” world, of sustainable mobility capable of preserving the environment and the future of cities and those who live in them.
In 2019 Raicam faces a new challenge, starting with a project dedicated to the future of urban and sports mobility that will be above all the prerogative of bicycles and e-bikes.
Aware of the knowledge developed in the past in the automotive sector, but also aware of having to move into a totally different field, Raicam interfaced with both manufacturers and specialists in the sector in order to grasp the different nuances that have allowed it to trace this new path.
A path that, always with the aim of “doing well”, constantly provides for the improvement of safety, with high quality standards.
The two product lines developed – Braking Systems and Safety Devices – saw the application of design systems that come from the automotive sector, much more complex validation systems than what is currently required by the certification bodies of the bike world, but which put Raicam in the condition to be ready for the next regulatory generations.
Raicam therefore brings its know-how and experience in the bicycle sector with the brake line and with the Safety line which offers important innovations on the safety with ABS – the anti-lock braking system – and CBS – combined braking system.
Once again Raicam crosses the future, always, as Nicola Di Sipio says, with the passion of origin.